The Fireflies program accommodates children who are preparing for kindergarten, as well as some children who may have one more year of Pre-K. Our curriculum is supported by a 1:5 adult/child ratio and designed to inspire children’s learning through play and self discovery. We also connect our school activities to the outside world.  Students are continually learning about different topics, exploring with various materials, and encouraged to use their imagination.

Key areas of development

  • socializing with their peers
  • gaining independence and
  • preparing students to move on to kindergarten   

Some of the skills they learn are identifying letters and their sounds, making predictions, counting, sorting, making patterns, and so much more. 

Whether we are reading books, singing songs, dancing, making art projects, or doing hands-on activities, we are always having fun!

Learning and development objectives: 

The curriculum is guided by the framework provided through the NJ DOE Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. These standards are embedded into both classroom activities and interactions between children and staff.

Content area goals include:

  • count to 20 or higher
  • recognize numbers 1-10
  • count up to 10 objects using 1:1 correspondence
  • write/spell/identify his/her name using upper and lower case letters
  • identify at least half of the alphabet (UPPER and lower case)
  • become familiar with concepts of print/able to the re-tell and/or re-call a story

Classroom readiness goals include:

  • fine motor readiness: cut a straight line, grip a pencil
  • work habits: follow oral directions, transitions well, stays focused, can attend small and large group settings
  • oral expression: expresses ideas, speaks clearly
  • social habits: seeks out and relates to peers, engages in cooperative play, demonstrates organizational skills, solves conflicts
  • follows rules and routines, takes care of personal belongings, asks for help when needed