Butterflies & Fireflies


Happy new year!!!



The children have been practicing their counting every day since the first day of school. Our goal was to learn to count to 100 and to achieve this, we have been counting the days of school. To celebrate the 100th day of school (Feb. 13th)  we did fun activities such as 100 exercises,  find 100 numbers around our classroom, take a walk to see how far 100 footsteps will take us and build with 100 different cups and blocks!!



January flew past with a lot of exciting moments in Pre-K! We had our first snow day and brought some of the snow inside our classroom to play with. We had an amazing visit from “The Lizard Guy” and got to see real live animals and interact with them. And most importantly, we began our alphabet study. The children are so excited to learn all about the letters and are doing a great job practicing their handwriting.


A is for an aquarium!


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OCTOBER 2017: 


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The Pre-k teachers would like to welcome everyone back to school! We hope you all had a fun summer.

Throughout the month of September we will spend some time getting to know each other. We will discuss our favorite things, where we live, our similarities and our differences. The children will be able to explore their new classroom and take some walks around the building to visit some familiar faces.

In the math area the children will review colors and shapes. We will experiment with making colors and go on a shape hunt in our classroom. Towards the end of the month, in the area of Science, we will begin our discussion of Fall. We will work on some projects about apples and learn how they grow.

Our main goal this month is to make sure everyone’s transition into Pre-K goes smoothly. We look forward to meeting everyone at our Back To School Night on September 27th. We will discuss what goes on throughout your child’s day and answer any questions you may have.

JUNE 2017:

Miss Tara’s Firefly class are creating “All About Me” books, talking about what we want to be when we grow up, and drawing self-portraits. During circle time, the children are discussing some summer safety rules and talking a little bit about moving on to their new schools and making new friends, while still keeping our old ones!

The Butterfly Art Museum:

In our art study we examined a vast array of artists, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol as well as some original works by your favorite artists – your children!

Vincent Van Gogh: We read van Gogh and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt. Then we set to work planting our first still life! We used toothbrushes to paint the petals and a dotter to paint the center of the flower. Finally we used a brush to paint the stems.

Andy Warhol:  Pop art and children are a pretty perfect fair. We loved the colors of Warhol’s work. To create our own pieces we traced and cut out our handprints and then painted our hands to print another layer. There were lots of giggles in the creation of these works of art.


Pablo Picasso: To get a sense of the artist we read Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail by Laurance Anholt. We then examined some of Picasso’s cubist portraits, which received mixed reactions. Using pastel crayons the children drew colorful faces and then added collage details for the eyes, mouth and nose.

MAY 2017:

Throughout the month of May the Pre-k class has been busy finishing up their alphabet study. Miss Tara’s class painted Violets in a Vase and made an awesome Water Xylophone. Outside the class planted some herbs and flowers in the garden and enjoyed taking care of them and watching them grow. Throughout our last few weeks together in June, the children will spend some time reviewing all of the letters in the alphabet.

APRIL 2017:

The Firefly class learned all about rainbows and even made one in their classroom! The students loved mixing colors and using different liquids such as dish soap and oil to create layers of color in a jar!




MARCH 2017:

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday throughout the month of March! In Butterflies, Crazy Sock day was on March 22 the day they read Fox in Socks. We charted the socks each child wore on a graph. There were six different categories and striped socks had the most entries. After reading The Foot Book we painted each child’s foot and had them make a foot print. Some of the children giggled hysterically while their foot was being painted. The children used unifix cubes to measure the length of their foot. We put all of the children’s shoes in a line and measured the line with Legos.

IMG_2780 2

IMG_2781 2




February 15th marked the 100th day of school!!!





Throughout the rest of the year our pre-k students will take one or two letters per week and learn all about them. The children will begin to recognize upper and lower case letters and their sounds. They will create lists of words that begin with each letter, practice handwriting and correct letter formation, and do some fun creative projects that coincide with the letters they are discussing.




A special field trip to the Montclair Public Library!


December 2016:

In December our Pre-K students explored hibernation, the four seasons, and family traditions celebrated in the month of December.


kwanzaa img_1090

November 2016

Fun Thanksgiving STEM projects!




October 2016

Our Pre-K students are continuing to learn all about autumn through fun fall-themed activities!


Counting leaves (above and below)



Sorting pumpkins, gords and pinecones


Our pre-k students learned about how apples (below) and pumpkins (above) grow from seeds!




Our Pre-K students are counting the leaves!

September 2016

mosiacs pre-kpuzzle

Above, left, the children used 1-inch strips of colored paper, cut them into small squares, and glued them on black paper to make a Mosaic. The children practiced their cutting skills and learned how to use glue. Some of the children were able to write their name using chalk!

Above, right, the Butterfly class created a large floor puzzle where each child designed a piece. When all the pieces were completed and put together the children discovered how even though each piece/child is different “we all fit together” as a class!

0928160956 applepainting

Fireflies & Butterflies embraced the beginning of fall with a unit on apples.  Our Pre-K students tasted them, learned about an apple tree’s life cycle, counted seeds and painted them (see above- fireflies, and below-butteflies)!





The Butterflies’ Class had fun “pumpkin picking” and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. The students really enjoyed scooping out the pumpkin and watching the face they carved glow!

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The Fireflies’ Class enjoyed a walk to the local flower garden! 

2015-Oct- Tara