Older 2s and Young 3s

Our younger 3’s learn and discover new things everyday. This time of emerging vocabulary, socializing with peers and self-awareness is encouraged in our curriculum. Through play-based, hands-on discovery and learning, we explore many themes including the seasons, our five senses, world of animals, and many more. Classroom centers include a dramatic play area, blocks and cars, tactile exploration and a reading library. With the guidance of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff and continued low adult/child ratio of 1:5, children’s growth in all developmental areas are fostered. But if you ask them, they’re just having fun!

The Bumblebees curriculum is guided by both the NJ DOE Birth to Three Learning Standards and the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards, since the children bridge the two frameworks as they get older through the year. Some learning and development goals for the year include:

  • Playing and working cooperatively with peers and teachers
  • Easy transitions to and from school
  • Imaginative and cooperative play
  • Developing a sense of self
  • Basic problem-solving
  • Emergent literacy and pre-math skills
  • Identifying basic shapes and colors
  • Self-help skills
  • Socialization and emotional development
  • Strengthening fine and gross motor skills.