“I’ve been an MMO parent for three years now, and I’m not sure who is going to cry more when our time here ends. The teacher’s assistants, the teachers, and now our principal, Miss Corrine, have been an amazing support system. When children are this young, education is only one of several important parts of a school. Beyond a great education, what MMO provides is a loving, nurturing place for children learning to first separate from their parents. It’s also a place that helps parents through the process as well. The teachers know and attend to the individual. My sons aren’t just two kids; they are personalities, with imaginations, talents, fears…individual strengths and weaknesses. I know they’re in good hands at MMO because their teachers and their principal take the time to know who each child is as an individual.”

-Jamie Salek

“My three kids loved MMO. I was very happy with the teachers, the assistants, the classes and the community. Not only did my kids learn and thrive and cuddle there, they also were fully prepared for kindergarten. I tell all of my friends about MMO.”

-Kristen Kemp,
Author, Blogger and Founding Editor Baristakids

“Such a wonderful school. All 3 of my kids went here. When I walk past the school even now, it puts a smile on my face. My kids are now 16 (twins) and 12 years old. Such great memories!” 

  –Norma Francullo

 “As a parent of a child with special needs, MMO was refreshingly welcoming and accommodating when it came to including our son from day one. Every attempt was made to have him learn along with the students, have fun, and be a part of the MMO community.”

 -Alma Schneider,
Founder/Owner of Take Back the Kitchen, LLC
and Parents Who Rock, LLC

 Angelina spent her time at MMO investigating nature and the world around her, playfully and experientially. We cherish her time there, and know that it has forever influenced her love of learning and self-guided exploration. She was a shy child when she entered MMO, but the care she received helped her confidence blossom and she later thrived in kindergarten as a result. MMO teachers and staff were inspirational, the classrooms bright and artful, and the whole building felt solid, safe, and cozy. We often referred to it as her fairy castle.

Now she is ahead in all academic ways to the level of half way through 1st grade now, and is only in Kindergarten- plus she is very well established in the classroom.”

 – Rachael Egan,
Director of Experiential Education,
National Capitol YMCA

“As a parent of three children who attended pre-school at MMO, I can speak firsthand about what a truly formative experience the school was for each of our boys. Year after year, the dedicated and inspired teachers offered an innovative curriculum that allowed each child to develop a love of learning, a respect for the classroom environment, and an endless curiosity for the world that lay just outside its doors. It was also clear that the always-nurturing staff considered the happiness and safety of their students to be paramount—a reassurance that every parent and child deserves.

 Now ages 7, 12, and 14, they attend Montclair Public Schools and are performing at the top of their classes. My husband and I know full well how fortunate our children were to have started their lifelong journey of learning at MMO. Each of our children feels the same way. “

 -Maureen Connolly,
Author, Writer/Producer Specializing
in health and parenting

“When my oldest Edward first went to MMO, I was a nervous mother. MMO quickly put me at ease. I saw their commitment and dedication to the children and my worries disappeared. I didn’t look anywhere else when it came time for Andrew to enter preschool. Everyone at MMO was talented and dedicated to the children. It’s been six+ years since my youngest went to MMO and I am still recommending it. “

-Amy Luka