About Each Program


(Young Toddlers, 12-20 months by September)

The Butterflies Are Out!Our nurturing caregivers provide the ultimate in care for our youngest students. Current research in child development demonstrates that touching, holding, cuddling and speaking to infants actually facilitates brain growth during this time of rapid development.  Our superior 1:2 adult/child ratio allows our caregivers to provide relationship-driven care, developing a trusting bond with your baby while you’re away. We believe a strong family-school relationship is vital in providing optimal care for our infants and young toddlers.


Crickets & Grasshoppers
(Toddlers approx. 20-29 months by September)

The toddler programs strive to help every young child 1) develop personal relationships with new people 2) foster self-awareness and 3) engage and understand the world around them. Our low adult/child ratio (1:4) allows the individual attention these young learners need to safely explore and grow in the classroom community. Together with our nurturing staff, we sing, dance, play, read and explore our school surroundings. We continually work different themes (i.e. Families, Seasons, Things That Go, etc) into our routine of play-based learning. Our programs operate within the MMO philosophy that children learn through doing. Our goal is to gently introduce each child to the “school” experience while stimulating his or her’s natural curiosity in a safe and enriching environment.

Christina Sept 2014

Bumblebees (Older 2’s and Young 3’s)

Our younger 3’s learn and discover new things everyday. This time of emerging vocabulary, socializing with peers and self-awareness is encouraged in our curriculum. Through play-based, hands-on discovery and learning, we explore many themes including the seasons, our five senses, world of animals, and many more. Classroom centers include a dramatic play area, blocks and cars, tactile exploration and a reading library. With the guidance of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff and continued low adult/child ratio of 1:5, children’s growth in all developmental areas are fostered. But if you ask them, they’re just having fun!

Dragonflies Sept 2014

Dragonflies (Older 3’s)

The older 3’s by nature are explorers and adventurers, we so turn to nature to provide a learning environment filled with things to see, smell, hear, touch and sometimes taste. Our adult/child ratio remains low at 1:5, providing the support our learners need to develop at their own pace.  We encourage developing social skills by encouraging children to work together and share ideas. Together we tackle some age-old questions, like “How do polar bears keep warm?” Some questions we just think of ourselves, such as “What happens to a candy cane if you put it in a cup of hot chocolate?” The children learn about the rain forest, the arctic, the ocean, the marsh and outer-space, all the while honing skills in every developmental area.

Gidget Sept 14 - 5

Butterflies (PreK)

Our classroom is a stimulating, safe, nurturing learning environment. The curriculum is supported by a 1:5 adult/child ratio and designed to inspire children’s learning through play and self discovery. We also connect our school activities to the outside world.  Students are continually learning about different topics, exploring with various materials, and encouraged to use their imagination. Key areas of development focused on are 1) socializing with their peers 2) gaining independence and 3) preparing those students moving onto kindergarten and beyond.  Some of the skills they learn are identifying letters and their sounds, making predictions, counting, sorting, making patterns, and so much more. Whether we are reading books, singing songs, dancing, making art projects, or doing hands-on activities, we are always having fun!

benny & Pablo 2014

Fireflies (PreK)

Through fun, hands-on activities, the children in the Pre-K class are always learning and experimenting.  We start out the year learning about ourselves and our environment.  We make strong friendships, gain independence, and learn how to solve problems.  As the year goes on, the children are exposed to basic math skills such as counting, sorting and patterns.  Beginning reading skills such as identifying and writing the alphabet are also taught in a fun, age-appropriate way. Differentiated instruction, supported by our low adult/child ratio of 1:5, allows for student skill-level differences. Each child is challenged and supported to continually engage them and further their learning.

Aftercare Oct 14

Aftercare Enrichment

When the school day ends, the learning and fun does not! Each day is a new adventure in age-appropriate activities, ranging from yoga to Spanish to dramatic arts. Whether the children are singing and playing instruments with The Little Rockers or dancing with Miss Maya of the Montclair Academy of Dance, our play-based curriculum provides structured, hands-on discovery learning. Our enrichment experience offers a variety new themes and activities each month.

Tadley in Sandbox

Summer Camp

MMO Summer Camp is open to Toddlers who are currently registered students and all children ages 3 to 6. Camp offers fun, hands-on learning through a combination of creative physical and academic activities. Students enjoy safe water-play, science explorations, yoga, arts and crafts and organized large-motor games to name a few! MMO Camp is big enough to keep our students engaged at all levels while offering the safety and security of an intimate early childhood center. Camp Registration begins each March.