We have so enjoyed our fall theme!  It has been so fun to sing songs about leaves, observe the weather, and play around with pumpkins.

leaves more toddler leavesPrepositions was our theme for November.  Of course, we did not introduce that word, but we will demonstrate what these kinds of words mean. We will talk about front and back, up and down, under and on top, etc.  These are concepts that will help us to communicate with the toddlers and vice versa (hopefully).


Our art projects had us exploring color and the natural world! We used leaves in our paintings and pinecones and apples for other fun STEM projects!

toddler leaf art 2toddler leaf art 1

Our older toddlers picked leaves from our playground and had fun glueing them back onto their own fall tree!


IMG_1749 2

The Grasshopper room is ready to have a fantastic fall!   We dove into our new “Creative Curriculum” by doing all sorts of exciting activities and playing that support the learning domains!

Our primary focus in September was to get to know each other and the classroom routines.  We  read some great books such as, “The Kissing Hand” and “Maisy’s First Day of Preschool.” Coming to preschool is a big transition. Another book that we will hear in September is called, “Hello.”  We will talk about saying, “goodbye” to our families in the morning and, “hello” again at pick-up.  We are even going to make a game out of it!

We will practice making marks on paper with crayons, chalk, markers, and paint and experimenting with different textures in our sensory table!

MAY 2017:


The Grasshoppers have had so much fun planting plants, digging in the dirt,  and finding worms this month!  We have learned that a lot of our food comes from plants. In our own garden we planted tomatoes. We have also learned the basic parts of a plant, and what plants need to grow.  In addition, we enjoyed observing our caterpillars as they grew into butterflies.

APRIL 2017:

MARCH 2017:


The month of March had our grasshoppers celebrating and exploring colors!  Students completed color puzzles, sorted toys by color and even mixed colors together to see what would happen.

FullSizeRender 5 FullSizeRender



In February we read about and explored our feelings.  Our toddlers are beginning to notice how friends are feeling when they are sad, as well as beginning to be able to express how they feel throughout the day.  Toddler got to celebrate and make valentines for people they care about.


January 2017:

The Grasshoppers were “On the GO” last month with a transportation theme, so in January they are learning about the season that has everyone snuggled up in one spot….WINTER!  STEM activities include watching ice melt, painting snow and working with pinecones.  Below Grasshoppers make polar bears and paint the snow (it was cold!)


December 2016:


November 2016:



October 2016:


Painting with pumpkins and gourds (see above)!


Grasshoppers have visited the pumpkin patch! Our toddlers found every decorated and hidden pumpkin in their classroom!





October fun in the Leaves!    

Grasshoppers in Leaves 2015